Poloh Brush - 100% Printed Brush
Full Name Taito 3D Printing
Location 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001
Company Taito 3D Printing
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100% Printed Brush I created this brush to clean the printer and the workbench. The brush uses the support structure [first layer] to create the bristles.
MakaWare Version Used: Raft: NO Support Structure: YES Resolution: 0.27mm Step 1 - Print the Bristles.stl file, but stop the print after the first support layer is done [straight lines]. Carefully remove the support structure and cut it to the desired height [I used 40 mm]. You will need to repeat this print 4-5 times [takes about 3 minutes a print]. Step 2 - Print the rest of the brush: Poloh.stl [Medium-Res with Support]. Step 3 - Slide the Bristles [Support Structure] into the holes. Use a soldering iron, a lighter or a sufficiently hot surface to fuse the top of the bristles together. You can also simply glue the bristle tops together. Step 4 - Once the Bristles are done, seal the 2 parts of the brush together [using a soldering iron] or glue them together. Step 5 [Optional] - Slide a 3mm diameter magnet into the top of the brush. The brush will now stick to the Replicator 2's frame.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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