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Full Name Taito 3D Printing
Location 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001
Company Taito 3D Printing
polo_box_big_-_slot.stl27017 kBon 17/5/23 Download
polo_box_small.stl26013 kBon 17/5/23 Download
polo_box_small_-_slot.stl26417 kBon 17/5/23 Download
polo_box.jpg27284 kBon 17/5/23 Download
polo_box_big.stl26713 kBon 17/5/23 Download
Container made to store small electronics components [switches, capacitors, resistors LEDs etc]. Small Container: 30mm x 27mm x 15.5mm Larger Container: 40mm x 27m x 15.5mm The slot on top allows you to see what's inside the container or you can write the name of the contents on top. Designed by: https://www.taito3d.co.za
I used the following setting to make the boxes. [1] Resolution: Medium [2] Raft: NO [3] Support: NO Print the file with the flap laying flat on the platform.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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